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The Fair Granny

is an show.

Transcript Edit

  • Hey, Kiddies...
  • ...It's time for everybody is awesome :
  • Music: Who's that fairy
  • in the air...
  • ...who makes. thing completely fair?
  • Music: She's the Fair Fairy! Oh, yeah!
  • Thank you, Downward Dog!
  • No prob
  • Before we begin today's show...
  • I'd like to apologize for my, uh...
  • "bungle" on last weeks show.
  • Bungle?
  • Yes. I was under a lot of stress, and---
  • Dude, you went totally BONKERS!
  • That's not true, Downward Dog!
  • And don't call me "dude" We've talked about that!
  • I was there, man! You flipped out!!!
  • Now, now--- I've already apologized for---
  • Hey, Gary! Roll that clip from last week!
  • NO!
  • Don't listen to him, Gary! He's crazy!
  • Show it! Show it! Show it!
  • Don't you dare!

Clip from one week ago Edit

  • Welcome back to our show, children!
  • Our next guests are Tina and Ramone.
  • Tina is upset because Ramone got two cookies...
  • ...and she only got one!
  • Yeah! it's not fair!
  • Well you've come to the right show!
  • Gimme that Cookie, Ramone!
  • Here you go, Tina!
  • Now you Each have one and half Cookies!

But later Edit

  • Gimme that Bowl!
  • You get nothing!
  • And you gimme your bowl!
  • Nothing for you too. you both get nothing!
  • Now it's Fair! Ha-Ha-Ha-He-He-Ha-Ha

Back to Present Edit

  • See? I told ya!
  • You were Trippin Dude!
  • Well that won't Happen again
  • I'm Much Calmer Today!
  • And stop calling me Dude!
  • Whatevs
  • Now let's welcome our first Guests, Tim and Brenda.
  • Tim is angry because Brenda got two toys, and he only got one.
  • Yeah it's not fair!

But Nine Minutes Later Edit

  • Gimme that Toy!
  • You get nothing!
  • Now it's Fair! Ha-Ha-Ha-He-He-Ha-Ha-He-Ha
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