Dog Man is the second book released 2016.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Dog Man: Our Story Thus Far[edit | edit source]

Meet George & Harold, a guy who makes books. In this recap, Officer Knight is a tough cop, and Greg the dog is smart. The cops is exploded by a bomb. The nurse got a idea. Greg the Dog is now Dog Man. Dog Man has bad habits: He slobbered everybody, playing with balls, and he like to roll round dead fishes. Dog Man is Go.

The Secret Meeting[edit | edit source]

Early one morning, Dog Man was feeling obnoxious. He was pulling Milly's pants. Dog Man and Milly looks at the event of Chief's birthday. Everyone gets a meeting. But Chief will be here in 2 minutes. Dog Man wants to go to the pet store.

Flip-O-Rama #1[edit | edit source]

Dog Man wants to go to the pet store.

The Secret Meeting (continued)[edit | edit source]

Dog Man hits Chief.

Penelope's Pets[edit | edit source]

He enters the pet store to get a fish. He tried everything but a fish. The man tries to get the ball.

Flip-O-Rama #2[edit | edit source]

The man tries to get Dog Man the ball back.


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