Dog Man is the second book released 2016.

Plot Edit

Dog Man: Our Story Thus Far Edit

Meet George & Harold, a guy who makes books. In this recap, Officer Knight is a tough cop, and Greg the dog is smart. The cops is exploded by a bomb. The nurse got a idea. Greg the Dog is now Dog Man. Dog Man has bad habits: He slobbered everybody, playing with balls, and he like to roll round dead fishes. Dog Man is Go.

The Secret Meeting Edit

Early one morning, Dog Man was feeling obnoxious. He was pulling Milly's pants. Dog Man and Milly looks at the event of Chief's birthday. Everyone gets a meeting. But Chief will be here in 2 minutes. Dog Man wants to go to the pet store.

Flip-O-Rama #1 Edit

Dog Man wants to go to the pet store.

The Secret Meeting (continued) Edit

Dog Man hits Chief.

Penelope's Pets Edit

He enters the pet store to get a fish. He tried everything but a fish. The man tries to get the ball.

Flip-O-Rama #2 Edit

The man tries to get Dog Man the ball back.


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