Barky mcTreeface was an evil, rotten bloke {stop that!}

He was rough and mean, and his face was green

With two arms made out of oak. {cut that out!}

Barky mcTreeface was so nasty, rude and tough. {that's enough!}

He was bad, it's true, but the tadpoles knew

How he came to life and stuff.

There must have been enchantment in

Those tadpoles from that swamp.

For when they zapped him with their brains

He began to roar and stomp.

Down to the city

Causing cataclysmic crime

Punching here and there

Smashing everywhere

Now it's FLIP-O-RAMA time!

Flippity flip-flip slappity-slap.

Look at Barky punch!

Flippity flip-flip kickety-kick.

He'll eat you up for lunch!

Oh, Barky mc Treeface

Knew the moon was bright that night.

So he grabbed his foes

With hands and toes

And squeezed them really tight!

Then all the tadpoles flew into a swampy bay.

And the medicine Zuzu poured right in

Made their powers go away!

So Barky dropped our heroes 

And he turned back into a tree.

Then the bad guys went to jail

And that's the end of our story.

Now Barky mc Treeface

Is so peaceful, calm and zen.

And if you do good like you know you should

Then he won't come back again!!!

Peace-ity peace-peace, zen-ity zen.

Look at barky now!

Do-ity do-do, good-ity good

He won't come back no-how!!!

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